If you’re familiar with The Wild, you know we have some pretty unusual treats among our vast selection, but did you know they serve many important functions beyond the initial “shock and awe” they inspire when they’re first encountered? Our treats are selected with the thought in mind that we are feeding carnivores, and we want to feed them as closely to how nature intended them to eat as possible. For this reason, all the treats and chews we carry provide a variety of nutritional benefits. Some of the treats we get the most questions about (and see the most raised eyebrows at) are our fur covered treats, whole heads and feet. Let’s break down the benefits of these treats.

Benefits of Feeding Fur Covered Treats

  • The fur itself makes a great “toothbrush” of sorts that assists in scrubbing your pet’s teeth as they chew.
  • Fur is not digestible, rather it acts as fiber in our pet’s intestines which helps to firm their stool and allows their anal glands to be naturally expressed. The bristles of the fur “sweeps” the intestines, ridding the area of debris which can also help with the removal of parasites. This is important because, if the digestive tract is clean and clear, food can be properly adsorbed which makes for a healthier pet.
  • Fur is an excellent source of manganese, the essential trace mineral that stimulates over 300 enzymatic processes in our pet’s bodies. It is also necessary for energy production, vitamin absorption, metabolizing protein and producing fatty acids.
  • We currently carry fur covered rabbit ears, rabbit feet, rabbit tails and cow ears.

Benefits of Feeding Whole Heads

  • None of the organs have been removed from these treats which means your pet is eating the eyes and brain along with any bone and tissues that are found in the head. While this may not sound very appetizing to some humans, a cat or dog would naturally consume all of these parts and pieces in the wild which helps to make their diet complete and balanced.
  • Organs are highly nutritious. Brain and eyes are full of docosahexaenoic acid, better known as DHA. DHA is a type of omega-3 fatty acid which is essential for both people and pets. It is known for supporting healthy brain and eye function.
  • We currently carry dehydrated chicken and turkey heads and raw and freeze dried duck heads.

Benefits of Feeding Feet

  • Collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine are all found in our animal feet chews. This is a big reason why feeding feet can be beneficial for your pet. All three of these ingredients are known for their joint supporting qualities and collagen is known for boosting skin and coat health.
  • Chewing on feet, as well as the other types of chews mentioned here, is a great way to stimulate your pet’s mind and help them expend some energy while also helping to keep their teeth and mouth clean.
  • We currently carry raw and dehydrated duck feet, raw and dehydrated chicken feet, dehydrated goat feet, dehydrated hog feet, dehydrated venison feet and dehydrated rabbit feet

To learn even more about the importance of these additional benefits of chewing, check out our “Dental Health” and “Mental Stimulation” handouts!

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  • This sheet is for basic technical information only.  We encourage you to continue your own research on these subjects.