Here at THE WILD we set out to create a place that we, as pet owners ourselves, would want to shop.  We are adamant about healthy foods, primal foods and HIGH quality toys, accessories and chews for dogs and cats.  We did not want to be everything for everyone.  We specialize in Raw healthy foods, chews and supplements. We continue to search high and low across the globe for healthy nutritious foods for your (and our) pets. Moreover we endeavor to bring you THE most varied, healthy and diverse treat and chew assortment from all regions of the world. Currently we have 258 different treats and chews for Dogs & Cats…including Alligator, Ostrich, Shark, Ox, Carp as well as Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Duck and Pork, on and on and on…

We will not let up until we bring the world to our stores in Charleston, SC.  THE WILD will live up to its name, serving the local pet community with what their ancestors ate long ago.   AND what they STILL will eat if they are out in nature in their natural environment.  I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a wolf or a lion eating corn, wheat or soy.


We knew we could not please everybody, so we set out to make a few things high priority. They are as follows:

1) Employee and Customer education – There is nothing like it in the Greater Charleston and surrounding areas. ALL employees are required to complete and PASS the following courses (which are not required courses in Veterinary schools).  These courses take months and are fairly grueling actually.  

  • Pet Nutrition
  • Advanced Pet Nutrition
  • Raw food Nutrition

2) Nutrition and dealing with ongoing physical, mental and emotional health.
3) The best and highest quality foods out there AND to keep checking these companies yearly.
4) Tried and proven (By US) Shampoo, leashes, collars, chews
5) A private, comfortable dog wash for owners and pets to bond that is ergonomically friendly


We feel we can keep our prices competitive to others in the area and in fact surpass them (*See below), even while selling the best (and usually most expensive) foods available to pet owners today.  We keep them competitive by offering great food, education and service thereby generating consistent customers whose names are remembered.

* As we grow after 18 years, we develop solid relationships with distributors and manufacturers and are offered better rates on our foods over time, which we pass to you.







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