Catnip Spray Rejuvenator, 1 oz,

Catnip Spray Rejuvenator, 1 oz,


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Part Number:FFC301 Manufacturer: From the Field Size: 1 oz

Product Information: From The Field Catnip Essential Oil Spray Rejuvenator is, without A doubt, one of the most potent catnip oil spray on the market.

Around the 90’s, other brand name catnip sprays made their appearance on the mass market. Unfortunately, they made a bad reputation of the concept of liquid catnip for cat’s playtime, instead of the well-known messy leaf and flower mulch. Their products did not generate the same response in cats as regular catnip, so it was dismissed as a “So-So” product.

Why? Most of the other available catnip sprays on the market today are made with catnip extract, not catnip essential oil.

What is the difference? To get a plant extract, the process involves mashing the plant, then a maceration process in alcohol (or other similar liquids) solution to gain a scent. (This is one of many ways to do it. Cold pressing the plant is another.)

To obtain essential oil, the process is a more complicated and costly one. From The Field use steam distillation to get the catnip essence.  This essential oil is very sensitive to temperature variation and direct sunlight. They then mix a small calculated amount of pure catnip essential oil in distilled water in each bottle. No chemical, no surprises, just the best catnip spray!


  • Rejuvenate your cat’s favorite toy with a spray or two!
  • Got your kitty a new bed? Spray some Catnip on it; he will identify his new bed as his!
  • Furniture damage from claw scratching? Buy your kitty a scratching post, and spray it with our catnip spray rejuvenator, and he will leave your couch and your legs alone!
  • Use to rejuvenate other From the Field Products like the cork ball or Shelby the Hemp Mouse.
  • Made in the USA!

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